Sunday, July 21, 2013

Torrent searching within the torrent downloader itself now possible(!)

Hello Everyone,

Ever wish you could search ALL torrent websites from the torrent program itself, and just get a clean list of torrents from ALL torrent sites, and then when you download them have them download sequentially, taking into consideration videos downloading them so they can be previewed properly (first/last parts first) and have this all in one program, without having to even own a web browser?? Well now you can! I stumbled upon this amazing freeware torrent program that beats the snot out of utorrent, ktorrent, transmission and the like. It's like this: Since the early days of mainstream filesharing, just after DCC GET started to lose popularity, file sharing programs such as Napster (not the new one, the original) started popping up everywhere. For a while people who loved to download had it easy: search for the content and download it right from the program. This continued on even after Napster was brought to it's knees and IRC became too cumbersome and riddled with gross old men searching for illegal pictures, with programs like Kazaa, Bearshare, Gnutella, e-Mule, etc just to name a few. Just after that (around 2006-7) is where torrents really started gaining popularity. Very slow at first because it was inconvenient to search in a separate program and then download and then re-load the torrent into the main program, or if you're lucky enough to have associations this was easier as well. A few years/months later than that, came the use of magnet links, the preferred way to search since the browser need not download anything, just give the torrent program the link and bam. But still, this is now TWO downloads. 1) the magnet to get the .torrent, 2) the files themselves.  All proved in vain when the government caught up to torrents and forced I.S.P.s to start monitoring protocols. So, if you are going to search/download torrents now days, you might as well do it from the same program. Oh wait, i forgot---mostly you cant do this, and FYI: search boxes do NOT count... nor do single web page frames in the program that show a web search. But today that changed for me: qbittorrent. I dont know much about it, but I do know this: you CAN SEARCH from within it, and the searches NEVER open ANY webpage or browser, not even in the main app! Instead, you get a nice neat list control with all the matches. Oh yeah, and it's a meta-search. This means, not just one search engine, but dozens (kinda like does it).  This is everything I wanted in a torrent program EVER. But there was one more amazing feature. The little checkbox that says "download files sequentially": AWESOME. Now when you download a series that is 60GB and about 300 episodes long, you dont have to wait or manually set priorities as the downloads finish, you just click that and you are good to go. It even downloads the first/last parts of each file first so you can preview the next one if it isn't quite done!!   So not only is it everything I wanted, but everything I could have asked for in the future!


I'm not sure if windows users can use this without a port, but the source is available to do so. I DO know that you can readily install it for Linux platforms
and it works just great in 32/64 bit operating systems. I'm currently using version 3.0.9 on Ubuntu 13.04 (raring ringtail) and have not been happier---so happy I wrote this huge article about it --- takes a lot to make me do something like this I'll tell you most of my experiences are bad and go to the "hate the internet" blog I have sistering this blog (

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I suggest supporting this guy he really has filled the void for file searching, maybe now my browser can get a little rest now and then :)


If you need help on how to add ALL the torrent sites to your qbittorrent client, drop me a comment in here and i'll be glad to help - its a little more than just adding a link with the "TEST" string in it.... :) But the default sites in my opinion are the ones I used anyways, so I didnt bother adding the sites that tend to just have repeat torrents (they are out to make money off of other 'true' torrent sites, just downloading/mirroring other torrent sites for the sake of money and ad diversion is not cool)....

oh by the way, I say alot against making money the wrong way on the internet, and I have a big problem with that... which is probably why I am broke... seems like only the buttholes get (a)head in this world!  I just hope at least this helped even one person over the next ten years. If not, then at least my fingers got some exercise and wont cramp up as much today.

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