Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Possibly The Best of the Best: Two Items More Than Worth Your Attention (and Mine)

Written on a first person basis, the topic begins by outlining how these two great new items were encountered. First, the experience with Midori Web Browser and then with the relatively-new (at the time of this post) DuckDuckGo search engine. The links to these resources are provided at the end of the article followed by the citation of additional references and resources used to construct the topic. It is in total broken up into five sections including a short introduction proceeding.

Hello All,
    This is a rare occasion!  After months of trudging around the net, I've seem to have stumbled on a great find.  We've all used web browsers that were supposedly 'faster' than the mainstream brands in linux.  For example, konqueror or it's new replacement browser that comes with KDE, rekonq (I assume that is a sort of pun that is supposed to mean that konqueror couldn't cut the cheese, so to speak).  If you are a windows user looking for a 'faster' browser, you might have tried k-meleon and the like.  They mostly fall VERY short in one very important (to me) area that may seem like small potatoes but it's enough to drive me nuts and not use their browser.  I'm talking of course about that VERY annoying nag screen that Hotmail puts up when it detects an inferior browser. Even if your browser (like k-meleon) can fake-out by reporting itself as another browser, usually (and surprisingly) Microsoft is usually right, it is too inferior to handle the scripting/apping required to use the now-known-as Microsoft Outlook website.  This brings me to the main topic.

Enter: Midori

  It was only because it was already installed and somehow got checked off as the default browser when I reinstalled (upgraded) to Ubuntu Studio 13.04 last week that I found Midori.  Of course my first response was to disable it, which I did, but today I accidently fired it up and out of curiosity I went and checked my email. No nags, and the darn thing actually works right!  Also, I got an unexpected bonus when I went to use the search textbox (that one that now is at the right side of the address bar in most every browser people use these days). That brings me to the next topic...

Duck... Duck.. ....Go?

  Ok, so i thought that the textbox just said that to be funny but it turns out DuckDuckGo is an actual service that strives to be like google used to be. It does not seem to be overly flooded with sponsored items and astoundly accurate at giving me results I actually want. Case in point, for this article I'm writing right now, I couldn't for the life of me remember what browsers I was talking about (k-meleon, rekonq, etc)  I fired up the search engine and typed 'windows web browsers' and it gave me a complete list from A-Z of all the different web browsers with nice little headings for each letter or the alphabet! Of course, following that was the web results from searching for 'windows web browsers' but it was smart enough to detect realize that I just wanted a list of web browsers, not a bunch of results about them... it knew! 

I'm feeling ducky...
So... now happy with these two finds... if you had read my hate the internet blog you would know about my frustrations with Google and their taking away (for the most part) the I'm feeling lucky feature from third party requests -- lowering it to a limit of 3 or 4 words (more than that caused it to not work, read the article for more on that). Well... assuming that duckduckgo was trying to 'be what google was'... I crossed my fingers and went to the main page. Sure enough, an 'i'm feeling ducky' selection is right there in the dropdown window. Furthermore you can do this quite easily by appending a +! at the end of your search URL if you want to launch it manually like I do from my scripts.


I am SO happy today finding these two things... like I said, it's a rare find for me to find something I actually love. I just hope that their growing popularity will not change them like Firefox and Google were changed over the years. Midori as far as I'm concerned is fine the way it is, and so is duckduckgo.  Of course I know writing this article will attract more people but we need that to keep it going of course they have to make money somehow for non-profit costs, so if you are feeling rich, i suggest donating to the cause... I know I would if I had something other than dust and moths in my wallet!   I hope you all can share as much happiness having found this as I did, but perhaps its only me that finds this so amazing, but if it isn't consider this your lucky day.. I've included the links to each item below, don't be afraid to try new things. I wish everyone a great day, and happy surfing.

Reference Links

Midori Browser - My Version is: 0.4.3 [distributed with Ubuntu Studio 13.04]
Click Here To Go To The Midori Homepage or Copy+Paste Link Below

DuckDuckGo - Main Page
Click Here To Go To DuckDuckGo's Main Search Page or Copy+Paste Link Below

More References

Konqueror Hompage (KDE Homepage)
Rekonq Homepage
K-Meleon Homepage
Google Microsoft (Windows*)

* You can find the Evil Twin of this article entitled "The Worst of the Worst" in the hate the internet blog -- recommend you visit the Windows homepage right before reading that post. It is hilarious all the self-praise Microsoft constantly gives itself isn't it??

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